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Account settings
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Update your banking information
I want to turn on SMS/ email updates?
Turn off SMS / email updates
Howi can drive in a new city?
How can i delete my account?
Driver Profiles
Update your vehicles Details and documents?
How to Update and add a new vehicles?
How to upload documents?
How to update my vehicle color?
How to update my license plate?
How to update my vehicle make or model?
How to remove my vehicle?
Questions about my documents
How can i improve ratings and acceptance rates ?
Understand my ratings

How Can i improve my ratings ?
What is the term acceptance rates?
Account suspended due to low rating
Getting paid
When can i get paid each week?
How can i Add and change banking info
Need help with setting up direct deposit
Why my estimated and total balance different?
Why my direct deposit is late or missing
Different issue about my payments
How the fares are calculated?
Do trip fares include a tip?
How my payment are calculated?
Is there any upfront pricing impact my fare?
Making multiple stops on a trip
How rider cancellation fees is charged?
How are tolls paid?
I can see my trip in my  payment statement 
What is surge?
What is the VooRide fee?
How can I see my trip earnings?
I cant see my high fare ?
Why there is a difference in the fare in my payment statement in my app?

How POOL fares calculated?
How do driver promotions work?
What is a promotion period?
When i will get paid for promotions and guarantees?
How Can I track my progress towards my weekly promotion?
How can i track Acceptance and Cancellation Rates
Why the promotion offer different this week?
I am not receiving promotion offers?

My promotion or guarantee was wrong
Referring Riders and Drivers
How can i check the status of driver referrals
Invited Driver - i want to report my missing or incorrect driver referral
Referrer - Report my missing or incorrect driver referral
Report my missing or incorrect rider referral
Managing drivers and Contractors Drivers
Remove me from my Driver
Driver: Add driver to my account
Change Driver
What is the VooRide Contractors App?
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